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Updated 1/22/18  05:30
(observations automatically refresh every 5 minutes)


60 °

High: 60 °
At 05:29
Low: 58 °
At 00:00
(Temperature Spectrum gif)
Wind: SSE  at 12 MPH
Gust: 22  MPH
Today's High Wind: 34  MPH  05:09
Humidity: 0 %
Dew Point: 0 °
Pressure: 29.78  in. Steady
Pressure Change:  in./hr.
Temprature Rate: 0.73 °/hr.
Wind Chill: N/A °
Heat Index: N/A °
Comfort Level: Cool
Rainfall Totals
Hourly Rain: 0.00  in. Rain Today: 0.00  in.
Rain this Month: 0.00  in. Rain this Year: 30.69  in.
Sunrise: 07:29 Moonrise: 19:54
Sunset: 17:53 Moonset: 08:47
Moon Phase 98%  
Skywarn Spotter Information 
Spotter activation is not expected at this time.
No Warnings
Short Term Forecast for Bentwater

Mostly Cloudy
High: 66°F

Decreasing Clouds
Low: 32°F

High: 49°F
Bentwater Radar
Bentwater Lightning Detection
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