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Updated 9/18/19  00:50
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79 °

High: 81 °
At 00:00
Low: 79 °
At 00:49
(Temperature Spectrum gif)
Wind: NE  at 0 MPH
Gust: 0  MPH
Today's High Wind: 8  MPH  00:00
Humidity: 0 %
Dew Point: 0 °
Pressure: 29.92  in. Steady
Pressure Change:  in./hr.
Temprature Rate: -1.77 °/hr.
Wind Chill: N/A °
Heat Index: N/A °
Comfort Level: Comfortable
Rainfall Totals
Hourly Rain: 0.00  in. Rain Today: 0.00  in.
Rain this Month: 0.00  in. Rain this Year: 49.07  in.
Sunrise: 07:18 Moonrise: 22:22
Sunset: 19:35 Moonset: 11:09
Moon Phase 88%  
Skywarn Spotter Information 
Spotter activation is not expected at this time.
Last updated: 01:32GMT on 10 - 12 - 2018

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Short Term Forecast for Bentwater
Bentwater Radar
Bentwater Lightning Detection
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Forecast and warnings continue to be impacted by hosting problems. Rain gauge has failed now as well! Current observations except rain and humidity are OK. It may take some time to repair all of the problems. I apologize for the inconvenience.
Warnings are still unavailable via my web page section, please click here for current watches and warnings in effect.
NOTE: Humidity still down, will require sensor replacement.